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>> neil: arizona did it, it texas about to? welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto. call it the texas two steps. days after arizona signing a strict immigration law a texas lawmaker looking to take it further. even as arizona finds itself a target. the city of san francisco telling workers they're banned from doing any official business with arizona at all. in sacrament, the senate leader calling on governor schwarzenegger to tear upstate contracts. in washington, the d.c. council considering a boycott. we're going to talk to the texas lawmaker to wants a tougher law than arizona. first, she's no fan of this arizona law. and she doesn't think this texas
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plan will fly. civil rights attorney says these are inviting lawsuits and likely lots of them. why are you so sure of that, ma'am? >> because as a discrimination trial attorney when i read that document, i was stunned. it is totally draconian. first of all this is a federal problem. the state can't recreate specific laws and preempt the federal government. they know it will be challenged and it will be expensive. i have a trial next week against george lucas for discrimination and we can't get courtrooms. courts are closed on wednesday, 33% cut on the funding of courts and this state is creating laws that will inundate our court system. >> neil: you might be right on all of the above, but obviously the state crunched looked at
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this and thought it would be better than doing nothing. what say you? >> that's blaytonly ridiculous. it will cause chaos in the competent fundamental civil rights are violated when an officer looks at -- >> neil: that's not what they're doing. if you accept them at face value, that's not what they're doing. they're going to pull you over if you're speeding and if you don't have proper identification and it turns out you're illegal, then you're in trouble. but it's not as if they're citing you for the color of your skin. >> but it says just by looking at someone, whether the officer can decide there are indications there is suspicion. that opens up a wide range of lawsuits for everybody. i can't imagine it being constitutional. it totally is a vital legislation of the 14th 14th amendment, equal protection. and a violation of the supremacy
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clause in the immigration law. >> neil: i want to ask you, owing to your legal expertise, does that mean that if someone is pulled over for speeding, and the officer asks for license, registration, all of that, and there was a suspicion that that driver might have been illegal but that wasn't the republican was pulled over and the driver is exonerated. can the driver go back and sue, when he knew he was speeding, and claim he was pulled over because, i don't know, he might have been hispanic? >> he can sue if he was discriminated against. absolutely. if he was stopped for speeding, and indeed he was speeding, and added to that, this officer has a suspicion he's illegal and puts him through procedures that result in him not being at work on somewhere or brought in to the police station, of course he
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has a cause of action. >> neil: let's be clear. it's very easy to jump to conclusions, the officer is just pulling the guy aside because these speeding. no other reason. he might discover wait a minute, you don't have a license. you don't have registration, you're not even a citizen. then it becomes an issue. >> then it's an issue but the federal government laws cover that. >> neil: the federal government isn't doing its job. angela, the state wouldn't be in this position if the federal government were, right? >> i know but neil, if we took every law the federal government wasn't able to enforce and generally speaking financially, what chaos would that be? >> neil: this is not just any law, i see where you're coming from and respect that but you can understand the desperate measures in arizona where this is a huge issue, huge enough
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where seven out of ten residents say enough is enough. obviously it's gotten bigger than you can legally appreciate, right? >> well, no. i disagree. discrimination is discrimination. >> neil: are you saying seven out of ten folks in arizona, they're not racist, they're not trumped up going after illegals to -- for the sake of making a racial statement. they're pissed off. they're pissed off. >> listen, i totally under that, especially in a time when there's a lack of jobs. but there's either recognition of the laws or there isn't. if you're going to stomp all over federal laws and know, by the way, it's unconstitutional, so it's a waste of money -- >> neil: i see your point but they're not stomping on laws, they're stomping over the federal government not keeping to those laws, no protecting the borders.
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and not doing the job that the state has had to take over. >> i understand that. and as a form irelectricity the official -- >> neil: then you also understand that's not racist, right? >> no, i am not -- by the way, do i think this law will result in racism? absolutely. no question about it. i'm the co sponsor of the san francisco sanctuary law but the question is whether or not this goes further and gives an individual on the street the right to walk in and sue under this law. that's stunning and will create thousands and thousands of lawsuits. >> neil: angela, a pleasure having you, okay? thank you so much. >> as the sheriff, we're to get a squad of people and say we're rounding up illegal aliens. there's no doubt in my mind, based on my experience, they
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would have to engage in profiling. >> neil: the sheriff of peamont county arizona saying the law is stupid and he's not going to enforce it. we'll hear from a sheriff who very much will from maricopa county. you heard the argument, a racial witch hunt. what do you say? >> that's not true, 38,000 people we have arrested and dedaned are here illegal. the u.s. justice department, 60 days after the obama administration took office, has been down here, following me and my deputies around, and it's a year and a half and they have no evidence that i know of of racial profiling. >> neil: what do you make of the other sheriff who had just the opposite. >> i know clarence, just another democrat. this is a democrat problem.
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all the democrats, the mayor of phoenix, washington, everybody where else are speaking out because they don't like illegal immigration laws. they want amnesty and employers to continue to hire cheap labor. it's all the democrats, including the sheriff town there that supports the democrat attorney general. >> neil: there were a lot of people sympathetic to your point of view but here's where the legal eagles worry. it's hard to fight a racism charge. it's like you've got to dispute a negative. and it's going to be costly, very costly, for your state just to deal with people who might have been pulled over by sheriff's like you. and then say they're let go. they come back and sue because they were embarrassed or humiliated. and the state is going to have to suck up the cost of all that.
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>> well, wait a minute, i've been doing this three years. three years. one lawsuit in -- which was frivolous in the justice department. we've been doing the right thing and i presume other law enforcement agencies will do the right thing. >> neil: what's the right thing? what is your guidance to your men and women, who you go to about implementing the law. >> most of the people arrested are pursuant to another crime critted. we don't about round up people because thee look like they're from another country. we don't do that and i'm sure law enforcement will not do this under this new law. i have confidence because we've been doing it for three years and survived without many changes. >> neil: sheriff, thank you very much. good seeing you again. >> thank you. >> neil: tonight, the woman at the center of this whole arizona story, republican governor jan brewer, goes on the record with who else, greta at it again.
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that exclusive chat at 10:00 eastern here on fox, only on fox, only with greta. wal-mart pushing to get into another big city. the union that keeps pushing to keep them out. then she kiera in arizona. get ready, it is getting hotter. ifs are [ male announcer ] whose idea was this?
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why would you need 60 days, really, who is that indecisive? the dodge "you won't need 60 days to decide but we'll give it to you anyway" event.
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>> neil: low priceses, high drama. wal-mart, say another city wants to top the retailer from coming to town. new york city, the store brings jobs and bargains. the next guest says it would do more harm than good. pat, what's the deal? wal-mart wants to come to brooklyn. >> yes. in the brooklyn case the problem is that the project was approved without a whisper it would be
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wal-mart. over the last nine or ten years, wal-mart's been a controversial issue and when they went to the land use process they never mentioned wal-mart to people feel the studies were -- >> neil: politicians would know. >> no that was no mention of wal-mart. it never went through the land use -- >> neil: politicians are smart in your neck of the woods. >> we follow it closely and were involved -- >> neil: these aren't large stores. >> no a 200,000 square feet wal-mart. 600,000 square feet of retail space. >> neil: what's the problem? >> the problem started years ago, the obvious once with wal-mart. treatment of workers, impact on the community, effect on loss of jobs. >> neil: every community wal-mart goes into it boosts employment and people are pretty happy they're there because jobs are scarce. >> i would have to disagree every community they go into
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that happens. >> neil: small businesses are shaken out. >> in some it's gone further than that. we've seen cases where large percentages of small businesses are out. >> neil: say you're right. i don't think you are, by the way, but most of the folks benefit with lower prices. who are you for, the businesses or the folks who buy from them? >> here saying in new york city, it's a controversial issue. we're saying wal-mart should come to the table and the part of the process. come and -- we've extended the olive branch. >> neil: we're here in the metropolitan area. folks pay ungodly rents that rival mortgages elsewhere. cut them a break. >> i'm all for low priceses. i would love to have the lowest prices possible. >> neil: what's that wal-mart does. >> but there's more to life than cheap under wear.
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>> neil: let the people decide. maybe they want cheaper underwear. >> we want them to be part of the decision. they were cut out. >> neil: what in the people, as they have in many other communities, they go there and the midst of the financial crisis and recession, what store was firing on all cylinders in wal-mart. >> in this city and in this area, we have a lot of companies growing, fairway is growing, stop and shop. >> neil: if wal-mart fails of its own accord, it fails. >> let's have a debate. >> neil: let the market decide. land use process is part of it. not just the market. >> neil: say you lost on the land use thing but they come in and people in the brooklyn area love it. they're getting underwear at half price and they're saying
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we're getting -- we're getting a deal on our underwear. >> well, you're taking what if on that case. i'm looking at the what if we do lose the businesses. >> neil: is this really about being antiunion? >> that's what causes the problem. to narrow the debate on universe nonunion n new york city we've never oppose add costco. >> neil: you're just saying fair is fair. >> that's what we're saying. >> neil: very good having you. >> appreciate the time. >> neil: let the debate begin. we're just hearing republicans saying they're ready to allow a full senate debate on the financial reform bill following three votes shooting it down. republican senator tom coburn joins me. what's the deal with this deal? any deal? >> you know, i'm sorry, i can't give you insight. i'm going into a meeting in 15 minutes to find out if there's
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movement on negotiations but on the derivatives side there's none and not much on the other. i'm out of the loop since lunch to know what's -- >> neil: that's because you're asking all these nasty questions to the goldman folks yesterday and you're preoccupied. >> they weren't all nasty. >> neil: i thought of that. senator. there's a fireworks display yesterday at the goldman hearing and -- by the way, you asked very good questions, thoughtful questions. but here we're getting nowhere on financial reform. maybe ink rings of encouragement but i wonder if that was for show yesterday and you and your colleagues aren't serious. >> we are. yesterday's hearing was moved up. i've been on the subcommittee for investigations looking at this for a long time. two of our four hearings were
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moved up. i don't know of anybody in our caucus that doesn't want to fix the problem. but the questions out there -- it's good for your listeners and viewers to know, is where are the underrighting standards. where is the leverage ratios that limit exposure so the american taxpayer? where's protection for smaller banks? you heard lloyd blankfein say they want this bill. they're winners. the bigger are the winners, the market isn't necessarily the winners. we have to do some changing. >> neil: can i ask you about that goldman thing and whether it amounted to a witch hunt. this is a peek from yesterday. >> if i worked for goldman sachs, i would be real worried that somebody has made a decision he's going to be a whipping boy. he's the guy that's getting hung out to dry.
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nobody else had personal emails released. you made a very distinct discriminatory decision that one of your employees is going to be made to look bad. >> neil: is that what this amounted to? >> no but look, i was asking questions in terms of ethics, if you're a sophisticated investment bank like goldman sachs and you do underwriting, banking and proprietary training, where is the ethics when you get into gray areas where one goal in the firm conflicts with the other and people getting hurt are 90s or customers. we have 10 million pages of goldman data and we've seen a lot of stuff in emails we never would release and we weren't going to release these, yes they released them. what is the motivation for that and where is the ethics for that in terms of taking care of employees? >> neil: good points. good seeing you.
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>> neil: we're getting an interesting item on the financial wires, hewlett-packard will acquire palm. there was a time when palm ruled the roost then the iphone and blackberries. that was then, this is now. hewlett-packard in a $1.2 billion deal. >> arizona taking tons of heat now a lawmaker in texas is pushing an immigration crackdown even tougher than arizona. texas state representative debby riddle joining me. what are you up to? >> well, i'll tell you what, i'm
4:25 pm
proud of the governor of arizona. and last session i introduced house bill 49, which is very similar to what they passed there. the bottom line is, this has everything to do with safety and security. >> neil: so how would this be different or similar to what they're to go in arizona? bring people up to speed, to crack down on illegal immigration. what would you do? >> it is very similar to what they would be doing or what they are doing, neil. what this is is actually another tool in the tool kit for law enforce. officers here in texas. if someone has committed an offense, they would then be able to ask -- if they suspect there's an offense committed they can inquire as to the immigration status. bottom line is this, neil, if
4:26 pm
you're here legally and you have a green card, they be by federal law you have to carry that card on your person. and so it really should not be a problem. >> neil: you know the lawyers who already rounded up like a posse and said it's ripe for abuse and ripe for lawsuits. and someone who could be pulled over and then later questioned, if he or she has the proper documentation, even if exonerated could come back and claim the pain and misfortune and embarrassment is worthy of a lawsuit. >> the fact is we've got to understand our law enforcement officers can abuse any laws we've already got. the fact it they don't. for the most part they don't. >> neil: is rick perry, your governor, in favor of what you're doing? >> i don't believe that he's going to oppose it, though i've
4:27 pm
not talked to him personally in the past few days, but getting back to the issue, our law enforcement officers, neil, are good, hard working, intelligent people. they don't abuse the laws and they put their lives on the line for us every day. what this is a tool for them to use. because this is all about safety and security. the number one priority for me as an elected official -- and i think for every elected official -- for me, make sure that the safety and security of texans are well established. if i don't do that, there's no number two priority. >> neil: thank you very much. >> thank you. >> neil: meanwhile, in california, jumping into the controversy. is this mushrooming. the entire state. my next guest wants california to cut financial ties with california.
4:28 pm
that's a pretty big move there, why? >> well, good to be with you, neil. it's a big move because i don't think people of conscious can stand by and say it's business as usual when a state pass as law that allows overt discrimination. >> neil: careful there, you're assuming it will allow overt discrimination. >> well, it does by virtue of the -- let me tell you the facts here. it doesn't just apply to undocumented immigrants, it applies to legal immigrants and citizens with one common element, they have brown skin. because police officers will be able to, upon, quote, reasonable suspicion, stop anybody and acquire -- >> neil: when the police stop anybody for any reason, they always request documentation. when i've been pulled over, once or twice and usually it's not my fault, the officer's speedometer
4:29 pm
was wrong, but when that has happened, they ask for my documentation and i provide it and that documentation proves for one thing, i have a legal authority to dry, which is debatable whether i can, but i do. and that i'm a citizen. so if i didn't have it, the same issues could be raised for me regardless of the color of my skin. >> big difference. if you get pulled over for speeding, you're getting pulled over for a reason. >> neil: no, no, they're not jumping to pull you over because of the color of your skin. they're pulling you over because you're speeding or taillight is out. are you saying officers in arizona now, are going to be deliberately looking for people of color so that they can jump on this? what's the upside when they know they can be sued? >> i'm saying that they have the legal right under this law to do so and we ought not to stand by when a law like that is on the books. you know, if you don't understand history, you're condemned to repeat it.
4:30 pm
ask yourself this, if you had been a white southerner, if i had been a white southernener 1960 and 1970, would you have stood up and said segregation is the custom and people treat african-americans -- >> neil: you know that's night and day. you aren't kuwaiting a racialz you're makeses a. >> neil: you're going to penalize. senator, you're going to penalize the seven out of ten arizonaians for feeling strongly the federal government dropped the ball on an issue that threatens them and claim they find -- who is adding insult to injury? >> well, listen, first of all, the call for the federal government to finish immigration reform is right on. they're right on. but this is the wrong way to do it. i think that's the point. just because the federal government has an act, it doesn't mean states should take
4:31 pm
it on their own to legally discriminate -- >> neil: if it's out of control, they have that right. >> then press the federal government to do immigration reform. >> neil: i believe they have, senator. >> discrimination, we don't allow dis criminal nation on our books. >> neil: you're again assuming it's instant discrimination. thank you. up next, this ... >> music ♪ [ music ] frgs the climate gate guy who threatened a lawsuit. the spoof dude ain't talking but the dudes doing the spoofing is. why what ben is saying today has martha smiling today. we don't have ben but we have martha here and only here.
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>> neil: the federal reserve said things are looking up. martha at the federal reserve. interest rates are low and martha stewart's company on a high, reporting a jump, quarterly sales, smaller than expected loss. martha stewart is here with a chat on all of the above. i love it when she comes because
4:36 pm
she brings shakas. >> no, products. >> you're so good as marketing. you have a basket you just hall with you everywhere. >> and the basket changes. >> all the time. so to ben bernanke's point things are looking up do you agree. >> it looks like that in terms of retail. sales overall have been better in the last reports than before. >> neil: where is it better for you? you're at all price points. >> we're at macy's, the largest home brand add macy's and we're selling very nicely. textiles, kitchen waresy. >> neil: i'm seen women fight over your stuff. >> it's well made, stylish in the kitchen, up to date, professional gauge. >> neil: to me, martha, i hate to show my ignorance.
4:37 pm
a pot is a pot. >> no, pots are not pots. they're -- its like a jar is a jar, it is not a jar. >> neil: it is not. >> no. >> neil: what to great about this? >> they're well made and well priced. we always want to make the best for the price. >> neil: your name is attached to all this. are you a tough customer? >> i try to be very discriminating. >> neil: your name is associated with so much, are you afraid of spreading yourself to thin? weddings at the sandals resorts. >> we've been in the weddings business, beautiful martha stewart weddings is 15 years old. the best magazine outs there and everyone says so. and it's just a natural extension to design all the weddings at sandals. every wedding at sandals is a martha stewart wedding and they're going to do between 12 and 15,000 weddings at the
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sandals resorts. that's a very nice thing to design. >> neil: do you give stuff like that out? >> at sandals we have all the decorations. we have the flowers, we have all those things. >> neil: soup to nuts. what's the deal with the paint? >> can i have that paint chart on the top? this is ow in your can at the home depot. our new arrangement with home depot is new and we're excited. >> neil: what's to special about it? >> 280 original colors, this is the color chart here. >> neil: sherwin williams has a lot of colors. >> but they're not martha colors. they're low voc. >> what is that? >> volatile organic compounds. it's environmentally safer. >> neil: you're a green push. >> of course. and you can get these paints in four different finishes, interior, exeter terrier and
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people are pleased with the color selection. we help the customers with the colors. >> neil: will you come into a home depot? >> i did last week. don't you go? >> neil: they scare me. >> you're not a fixer-upper? >> neil: not at all. >> you're out of touch. >> neil: many have said worse. >> everybody's fixing up. that's another thing about low interest rates. people are spending again on their homes. >> neil: do you ever get the sense, just as we're revving up with the financial crackdown and you're a former broker, do you think they're jumping ugly unnecessarily on this industry? >> s are hard to comment on what's going on with the banks, the brokerage houses. we all know and we all read every day what's going on. >> neil: are they all pocks? it makes the -- >> of course not everybody is a crook. >> neil: did you watch? >> of course.
4:40 pm
and it is -- >> neil: any part of it offensive? >> i find the whole thing very uncomfortable. >> neil: what thing. >> all this that's going on. not the only in washington right now with -- but also in arizona, what's going on. >> neil: could i get -- there's one senator in particular who a dozen times cursed. a dozen times in his questioning. >> he didn't curse, he was reading an email. >> neil: then he took it to -- >> he was reading emails and he -- >> neil: and he kept referring. you are the dean of decore rum. would you do that? >> in a public hearing, if i were reading a keam and quoting it -- >> neil: he went from quoting to on to -- >> i only saw him reading and other people reading. >> neil: c'mon. you know that's a distraction. >> he's a very intelligence
4:41 pm
senator. >> neil: really? did you hear his questions? >> not all of them but i've known him. >> neil: you're very gracious. did you give him this paint? martha stuarts, continued success, my friend. you have the magazines, the books. do we get to keep this? >> no i take it away. but if you would like a signed copy of martha stewart living or body and soul i will leave it for you. >> neil: but you'll charge me. >> no i will not. would you like a red pot? >> unless it has food, no. when we come back a spook that has the target hot and mad. he's hot and bothered and the guy who made him that way is here.
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>> i don't know if you have seen this but are these guys about to bloat cover off climate game michaelman is threatening to sue over the youtube hipt. the next guests say bring it on. elmer is with minnesotaians for global warming and jeff davis with no cap and trade coalition. welcome to both of you. elmer, you started this. then mr. man got nasty. what happened? >> last fall, obama was pushing the no cap and trade to go through the senate because he wanted to have something to bring to copenhagen. just then climate-gate broke and the mainstream press wasn't covering it, so the coalition got together and tried to think of a way to bring this into the forefront of the american public. i said i could make a funny youtube video to i did it to
4:46 pm
the tune of dragon line by tommy james and shown dells and put it on youtube and it went viral. rush played it on his show and it went super know have nova. >> and then mr. mann threatened legal action. >> the video has been up a while. >> neil: but he took legal action and you took it down and then jeff came in. >> we started a coalition to fight cap and trade last fault minnesotaians for global warm something part that have coalition. to comply with dr. mannn's letter we introduced a new version of hide the decline ii which removes his imagine from the penn state website, which he was concerned about. >> neil: i always think with humor, you could be more critical than you can with being a boring news anchor. did you expect the response that
4:47 pm
you got? >> no, not really. i just -- well, it was -- it's a little youtube video but i think what it did is help bring the climate-gate scandal into the forefront and i think that now that michael mann has been exonerated they did an investigation at penn state and they're trying to classroom up the mess and scouring the internet. there's a pesky video on youtube and that's the reason he wanted to get rid of it. >> jeff, whether he files legal action, he's argued it's much ado about nothing, not your cartoon but the fact he misrepresented himself. >> i mean the whole video is based upon a -- a statement out of one of the emails in climate-gate, hiding decline. they're use their data to mock their findings.
4:48 pm
so i think neil, the key question that's at the heart of this controversy is whether this video defines or defames dr. mann. at our website we have a white paper that addresses that question and readers can decide. >> neil: it's very funny stuff. thank you both very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> neil: zsashakira. when pop stars pop off and an arizona decision in.
4:49 pm
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4:51 pm
♪ [ music ] >> shakira is headed here to
4:52 pm
arizona actually, turns out the pop star's popping off by the illegal crackdown and is meeting with phoenix mayor to see if together they can get this turned around. while shakira's hips don't lie so do the poll showing voters want change. not stopping california democratic congressman, among nearly a dozen lawmakers denouncing arizona's move. congressmen, what do you want to do? >> pass immigration reform that's sensible to we don't have to worry about people in the states worry that the federal government isn't enforcing laws. >> neil: but you haven't so people took matters into their own hands. >> they are fed up. no doubt about that. i think we could appreciate that, there is a great deal of skepticism in america.
4:53 pm
we need courageous leaders. >> neil: i'm sure you're trying to work on this and you have a history of trying to address this but we never do so the arizonians say this is getting bad. we've got to do something and they did. so what's to say you federally are going to be doing anything differently from what you have not done in the past? >> neil, there's ways we can do them and ways that the constitution says we can't. if you could define for me what -- define the reasonable suspicion that someone is an alien without lawful authority to be here. >> neil: that's not the point. all you need is just if they're doing something illegal and they discover in the process of that that you're not here legally. >> that's not right. if i walk in the street or if i happen to be finishing -- walking over a -- true a crosswalk and the light -- >> neil: you think they'll
4:54 pm
proceed on the color of your skin over the threat of lawsuit, they'll pursue you based on that. >> you may not think so. i think so, my dad would think so, he would be one of those people someone would look at and say there's a suspicion. he was born in this country, though his speech is not perfect. >> neil: i think it's racist or that seven out of ten arizonians are racist? >> the same people say they believe a civil rights violation could occur. there's a dep frustration. they don't -- they believe this could violate civil rights. >> neil: what you're doing and what shakira is doing and later on what politicians are doing right after this. [ music playing, indistinct conversations ]
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the charcoal went out already? [ sighs ] forget it. [ male announcer ] there's more barbeque time in every bag of kingsford charcoal. kingsford. slow down and grill.
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>> neil: curses. i can't get over this. now they're cursing.
4:58 pm
now that's all anyone is talking about still. without yesterday's goldman sachs hearing, all that cursing. nothing conveys discussed like a well-timed expletive live in real-time if you were watching the marathon on fbn yesterday you heard a lot of the time. i'm not talking a lot of curse words, just a lot of the same curse word. it wonder if you could guess which one. >> boy, that timber wolf was one [bleep] deal. they sold that [bleep] deal. it was one [bleep] deal. how much of that [bleep] deal did you sell to your clients? you didn't tell them you thought it was a [bleep] deal. you knew it was a [bleep] deal. your people knew it was a [bleep] deal. does it bother you at all? your top priority to sell is that [bleep] deal. you're trying to sell a [bleep] deal. should goldman sachs be trying to sell a [bleep] deal? >> by the way, this is the
4:59 pm
same one your folks called [bleep] later. same one. >> neil: give up? can't figure it out. it wasn't the word pretty. it was the other one, that george carlin put among seven words you can never say on tv. but these guys did, again and again. the same guys who chastised howard stern for offensive language on radio early in the morning putting it to shame repeatedly saying much worse on the no less throughout the day. leaving aside the hypocrisy and that they are the country's highest elected officials and leaving aside the decorum that you would think would come with the office and they're brow-beating goldman guys for shaming their office, ask yourself why. why the coarse language? trying to shock us or fool us? make us think you're outraged when you are not, or prove that you are not emotionemotion detached clueless politician when you are. blunt language doesn't prove your point, senators. blunt action you do. admitting you

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